Why do teeth hurt?
Teen woman pressing her bruised cheek with a painful expression as if she's having a terrible tooth ache.

Why do teeth hurt?

A tooth is a unit that is closely embedded in its owner and, like its owner, it is a living structure, made up of not only mineralized but also living cells. These cells “live” in a huge number of narrow tubules – there they are nourished and function properly if their “home” in the form of hard tooth tissue is not damaged. However, if for some reason this “apartment” begins to deteriorate, the dentin cells will let you know about it, and you will have to look for ways to relieve the toothache.

Pain may appear hypersensitive at first when consuming warm or cold food and drink. Depending on the reason why the tooth tissues were damaged, we can deal with the problem in many ways.

The cause of pain caused by temperature may be the exposure of the necks of the teeth, which is caused by brushing the teeth too hard in a horizontal movement. The so-called wedge-shaped defects which may react with pain when eating or drinking. Usually, in such cases, the paste alone may not be sufficient preventive measure. After examining the degree of tissue destruction, the dentist may recommend replacing them with a special material, which will significantly reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. Our “information cells” will be better isolated from the outside environment and the ailments will decrease significantly

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