Magdalena Kontrymowicz-Ogińska

Specialist doctor in conservative dentistry and endodontics. Studio manager

Creator of the Ars Denstictica studio. Awarded the Doctor of the Year 2013 title in the Gazeta Krakowska poll.

The doctor, from the beginning of her 14-year career, does not accept compromises. Its exceptional precision and love of beauty are reflected in every treatment. Attention to the smallest details allows her to achieve exceptional results in specialist root canal treatment under the microscope, which often opens up new opportunities for patients to further shape the smile.

The most visible effects for patients are beautifully and naturally modeled composite fillings and prosthetic works.

For you, dentistry is much more than a job. It is a real passion in which she pursues her artistic passion, but also the mission of helping patients. Therefore, apart from working in his own office, he works as a specialist in endodontics every week at the Provincial Dental Clinic in Krakow.

Privately, the doctor loves fashion, travel and art.

Anna Mizerska-Żurowska

Medical specialist

Doctor Anna is an alumni of the Collegium Medicum of the  Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Since almost 10 years she’s been performing  complex orthodontic  treatments.. On top of that she’s a medical specialist for the dentistry of kids & youth. During her everyday work, she combines her specialist knowledge with extensive practical experience to perform thorough and complex orthodontic treatment plans for kids, youth and adults. 

Doctor Anna Mizerska is a member of Polish Orthodontist Association, Polish Youth Dentistry Association  as well as Polish Dentistry Association  

Her work is more than a job. It;’s a passion, that’s why she constantly develops her competencies, being a member of associations as well as taking part in numerous orthodontic conferences and trainings. 

Doktor Anna Mizerska knows that dental braces can be suited to patients needs and believes they should  create a new, aesthetic value for him during the treatment.

Privately doctor Anna loves literature,  travelling and arts. 

Jan Miech

Medical specialist in dental surgery, implantologist

The doctor specializes in dental surgery, implantology and mucogingival surgery. He is particularly satisfied with the implementation of complex surgical and implantological procedures.

The passion for taking up challenges is manifested in the doctor’s passion, which is windsurfing and surfing, which he has been practicing regularly for many years.

The doctor has extensive, over 10 years of experience, which he has built also outside Poland, at Iceo – Instituto Cearense de Especialidades Odontológicas Fortaleza, Brazil.

She constantly improves her qualifications. He is an active member of the Polish Dental Society.

Wojciech Bielak

Medical specialist in dental surgery, implantologist

The doctor has extensive experience in the most complex cases of dental surgery.

Implantology has no secrets for him, the doctor is willing to take up challenges. Each time, however, his decision is preceded by an in-depth analysis of the patient’s potential for implant treatment.

Surgical treatment is one of the ways of shaping a smile, which is an important element of the holistic treatment plan created in the Ars Dentistica studio.

Magdalena Mika


In her work, the doctor focuses primarily on the minimalism of dental procedures and a holistic view of the treatment plan.

A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Scholarship holder of the Rector of the University. Member of PTTS.

She loves journeys in all forms, those to the other end of the world and one-day ones, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of our immediate surroundings.

Dominika Adamczyk


A graduate of Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. The doctor is particularly eager to pursue his talent in the field of endodontics with the use of a microscope. He mainly deals with conservative dentistry and endodontics. She constantly improves her qualifications at numerous courses and conferences. Her work is characterized by accuracy and reliability.

She appreciates the conversation with the patient, which allows her to establish good relations with both adult patients and children.

In his free time, he deals with handicrafts and jewelry design.

Sylwia Kostuch

Dental hygienist

Sylwia graduated from a specialist medical school for dental hygienists. At Ars Dentistica, she works in her profession, as well as planning the work of doctors and coordinating our patients’ visits.

If you contact us by e-mail or by phone, Sylwia will respond on our behalf

Privately, Sylwia spends every free moment reading books. You can also often meet her on roller skates or skis.

Kuba Ogiński

Customer Experience Manager

Co-founder of the Ars Dentistica studio, manager with over 12 years of experience gained in LOTTE Wedel, Bahlsen Polska and FoodCare, a start-up, and privately, as it is easy to guess, the doctor’s husband 🙂

She loves to take up challenges and solve everyday “problems”. Every business I design exists to serve people.

He believes that a venture can only be truly successful when people and their needs come first.

She makes the experience of contact with the Ars Dentistica studio a pleasure for the patient.

A beautiful, real smile can open many doors, and sometimes even the heart. Numerous studies show that people who smile frequently and sincerely are better perceived by others. It makes life easier for them and makes them just happier.

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