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While dentistry is undoubtedly a science, it is also an art that requires most modern equipment, a wealth of experience, creativity, and exceptional manual dexterity. Developing and executing a patient treatment plan that results in a natural and stunning smile necessitates a combination of technology, skills and expertise.



We are experts in the field of laser dentistry. When developing a treatment plan, we leverage opportunities that arise from the use of innovative laser therapy.

After the first specialist consultation, we develop an optimal treatment plan for each new patient, which we implement in stages, at a pace adapted to individual needs. 

Our team includes the best specialists in the field of microscopic endodontics, prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Ars Dentistica studio offers a full range of dental services.

We work with the best equipment and materials. Among other things: we use FOTONA dental laser,  the OSSTEM system, selected by our implantologist. Work ergonomics and exceptional patient comfort are provided by the American Adec unit. Specialized endodontic treatment is performed using the German Kaps microscope. The best equipment and materials give us the opportunity to carry out the highest quality work, in line with the expectations of our doctors and patients.

We believe that minimalism is a philosophy that also applies to dentistry. We employ laser therapy to minimize the invasiveness of treatment. Thanks to it, we obtain natural, unique effects. Each treatment plan created by us is minimalist in its scope.


Each patient and each smile is different, therefore the cost of treatment is calculated individually.

To address the high volume of inquiries, we have provided pricing information for basic procedures that reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality care at affordable rates. Despite our dedication to maintaining the highest standards, our prices are in line with the average market rates. Our aim in setting our prices is to ensure that all patients can access our services.


We know that the experience of visiting the dentist does not have to be associated with pain. Therefore, we do not charge an additional fee for anesthesia. This is the standard of our treatments


  • Filling in class I (small), from 250 to 300 PLN
  • Class II two-surface filling (medium), from 320 to 400 PLN
  • Filling class III three-surface (large), from 420 to 500 PLN
  • Extensive, multi-surface tooth reconstruction, 500-600 PLN
  • Tooth reconstruction on: fiberglass from 650 to 700 PLN,
  • Complete tooth reconstruction using retention elements, PLN 490 to 600
  • Tooth recontruction with recontouring of contact points,  individual procedure Ars Dentistica, 490 do 600 PLN


  • Tooth veneering with a highly aesthetic composite, 800 PLN
  • Tooth veneering with a highly aesthetic composite + shape contouring (bonding), 790-900 PLN
  • Porcelain crown on metal, 1500 PLN (ask for discount, when more than 5 pcs)
  • All-ceramic crown, 2200 PLN (ask for discount, when more than 5 pcs)
  • All-ceramic veneer, 2200 PLN


  • Extraction (depending on the degree of complexity) From PLN 150 to PLN 450 for surgical tooth extraction
  • Surgical removal of 8th teeth (depending on the complexity), 400 PLN to 800 PLN
  • Implant (root part & connector) Osstem system, 3500 PLN
  • Implant (ceramic crown),  3500 PLN

Endodontic procedures in our studio  are performed with uttermost precision using microscope and laser therapy, when needed.  The price of procedure includes  X-ray images taken before, during and after the treatment. 

  • Root canal treatment, optionally using microscope and specialized FOTONA laser – endo::
    • 750 – 900 PLN (first canal)

    • 1100 – 1300 PLN (two canals)

    • 1400 – 1600 PLN (three canals)

    • 1700 – 1900 PLN (four canals)

  • Repeat root canal treatment using microscope and specialized FOTONA laser ,  – reendo:
    • from 1200 PLN (first canal)

    • from 1600 PLN (two canals)

    • from 1990 PLN (three canals)

    • from 2300 PLN (four canals)

  • Working with an ultrasonic tip under a microscope,  190 PLN/ h
  • Removal of a broken tool under a microscope, from 450 PLN
  • Removal of the contribution,  300-400 PLN

  • Braces

    • removable, 1000 PLN

    • fixed (one arch) metal locks, 2500 PLN

    • fixed (one arch) ICONIX  locks, 2600 PLN

    • fixed (one arch) mixed (front – rock crystal locks, back – metal locks), 3000 PLN

    • permanent (one arch) rock crystal locks, 3500 PLN

  • Control visit:

    • with fixed appliances 1 arch 180 – 220 PLN

    • with fixed apparatus 2 arcs 250-300 PLN

    • with removable / retention apparatus, PLN 160

  • Others

    • Palatal Arch,  400 PLN

    • Removable retention apparatus,  600 PLN

    • Stripping / grinding milk teeth with fluoridation (one tooth) PLN 30-50

    • Installation / repair of a glued retainer,  150-300 PLN

    • Removal of the glued retainer, 30-150 PLN 

    • Removal of the fixed braces / Pendex / Hass / Hyrax,  100 PLN

    • Sticking the detached lock / ring / additional element of the fixed appliance, 50-100 PLN

    • Bonding the bracket during surgical exposure, PLN 200

    • Repair / fitting a removable appliance, PLN 150-250

    • Face mask, extraoral extract, PLN 550

    • Basic orthodontic consultation, PLN 250

    • Orthodontic consultation with analysis of x-rays and models, preparation of the treatment plan PLN 350

  • Consultation / control visit, PLN 120

  • Consultation / follow-up with a specialist doctor, PLN 200

  • Treatment of hypersensitivity, PLN 75

  • Hygienization package: Scaling + sandblasting + polishing + fouling + hygiene instruction (promo package) PLN 439

  • Fissure sealant, PLN 150

  • Fluoridation, PLN 100

  • Whitening, from 600 PLN

    In the case of prosthetic works, we provide temporary crowns, temporary and permanent cementation as well as dressings in the labor price.


We’re  waiving the  Covid-19 fee. We managed to obtain lower prices for security measures. To ensure the safety of our patients and doctors we still use  a security package against COVID-19. The package consists of the FFP3 mask for the doctor and assistant, a double set of disposable gloves, a disposable protective gown, a cap and a  visor.

Ars Dentistica is a partner facility of the Signal Iduna network. We invite you to register under your medical insurance.


Our specialist doctors, apart from many years of experience, have just “that something” – artistic passion and manual skills. While doing his job, the dentist heals, but also creates the patient’s smile according to his own artistic imagination.

This thought of the founder of our clinic, a specialist in conservative dentistry and endodontics, Magdalena Kontrymowicz-Ogińska, defines our work.

A beautiful, real smile can open many doors, and sometimes even the heart. Numerous studies show that people who smile frequently and sincerely are better perceived by others. It makes life easier for them and makes them just happier.

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