Home remedies for toothache?

Home remedies for toothache?

Pain while brushing

If you suffer from hypersensitivity, you should brush your teeth a bit differently and change your brushing technique. Come and visit us, we will advise you on how to properly brush your teeth so that the problem does not increase. It is possible!

What are exposed necks?

It’s also important to know that the term “exposed necks” used by patients and the resulting hypersensitivity do not always mean the same thing. “Exposed necks” can be caused by the gums escaping upwards or by brushing the enamel around the tooth necks. Therefore, a visit to a specialist and assessment of the problem, as well as a proposal to solve it, is essential in this case.

Sudden, spontaneous pain

For toothache, we can use painkillers on an ad hoc basis, but only “on the way to the dentist”. Spontaneous pain, symptomatically pacified with medications, will probably return with a double force, if its cause is not removed. That is why quack home remedies for toothache, e.g. using clove oil and other interesting specifics, can only help for a moment and only mask the symptoms of inflammation that is spreading all the time.

Medications based on paracetamol (in a soluble form) enriched with codeine (daily) or ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory drugs can be an immediate, often effective way to fight pain. However, if the cells have died or the dying process is underway, which is manifested by pain, it is absolutely necessary to remove them from their “closed and unventilated apartment”. Otherwise they will contribute to bad breath and produce bacterial gases, which can result in severe facial swelling. To remove dead cells, you need to undergo root canal treatment.

Therefore, do not wait for the worst and instead of using your aunt’s home methods :), or other valuable advice you read on the forums, go for a professional consultation, it will save you a lot of stress and unfriendly consequences. We warmly invite you.

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